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Horseshoe Grill


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Steaks Off the Hoof on the Horseshoe Grill

To add more fun to the cooking experience I came up with the horseshoe grill. It consists of horses shoes linked and welded together to create a grill that allows the smoke to flavor what's being cooked. This is why meat cooked over a wood fire tastes better, as the smoke adds to the flavor.

The horseshoe grill can be made to any size and shape, to fit one of my bowls or a fire pit you may already have. The price is based on the size of the grill. Please select a size option or get in contact if you have a specific requirement.  

I have made some that are used just off the ground on an open fire, this is a popular way of outdoor cooking in South America called Asado.

I can include initials and numbers within the pattern of the grill, please add these in the initials option box at the top. For example I made a grill for a friend's 30th birthday with the initials J30 hidden in the pattern of the grill, look at the photos to see if you can find it.

All horseshoe grills are different as I have to ensure the gaps in the grill are not too big. The shoes are thick so the grill should last for at least a couple of lifetimes!

How to use

The horseshoe grill is structurally strong so it only needs to be supported at three points to be stable.

It is best to put the grill in direct flame for a few minutes, before every use to ensure any nasties are burned off.

The grill needs to be 'dressed' to stop sticking, any edible oil or fat should be brushed or rubbed into the grill when hot, just before cooking. If used frequently the grill will retain a natural dressing.

To avoid rusting the grill should be kept out of the weather when not in use.

Free Delivery, If located in East Anglia I'm likely to deliver personally.