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Scalloped Tulip Fire Bowl




The Scalloped Tulip is a large and effective fire bowl. It is made of from 8mm thick high quality steel offering many lifetimes of use. Being my largest shallow dished bowl it is great at radiating the heat from the fire.  

The Scalloped Tulip is a two piece bowl and has lots of air vents to ensure more flame and less smoke.
At 5 ft/150cm diameter it can contain a large fire and the flatter shape ensures the heat from the flame radiates very well.There is roughly 30cm/1ft height difference between the lip and the centre of the bowl so cleaning is easy with a brush or a hose. 

Ideally the Scalloped Tulip would be placed on hard standing or have its own patio type area created. 

The height of the Scalloped Tulip can be altered and like all the bowls it can be supplied with BBQ equipment at additional cost. So please get in contact if you would like to customise the bowl. 

Free Delivery, If located within 75 miles of Fakenham.   

If you are further away than this I will have to add a charge (worked out on the distance I have to travel and agreed by you and I before I leave) as I have to deliver a bowl of this size personally. 

So please get in contact before ordering this bowl if you are not located in East Anglia.