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Spring Bowl




The Spring Bowl  

The bowl top is made from 5mm thick steel ensuring years of use. The diameter is 70cm (28 inches)  Overall height of the bowl on the stand is approx. 70cm (27 inches)

A drain hole is optional but flipping the bowl top upside down when not in regular use is preferable, like the last picture.  Please add a note on check out if you would like a drain hole.  

As standard this bowl is a two piece design but the stand and bowl can be permanently joined if required. Please add a note on check out if you want the bowl and stand fixed together. 

The spring bowl can come with a fitted grill (3rd picture). The grill is made from high quality 5mm thick stainless steel so it will not rust at all. When not in using for cooking simply take it off and hang it up.  Please select Grill in the options above if you intend to cook on the spring bowl.  

A swing grill, in the 5th picture, is also available for the spring bowl. Same 5mm gage stainless steel 65cm grill as the fitted grill, but you have the added bonus of being able to swing the grill on and off the heat. The whole swing grill can be taken off the bowl, which is advised when not using it for cooking  Please select the Swing Grill in the options above if this cooking versatility appeals to you. 

If left out in the weather the bowl will rust and settle into a dark brown.  


Free Delivery by me If located within 75 miles of Fakenham. I'll probably need a cup of tea on arrival!

If further I will likely send via courier, again at no extra cost! 

Please allow a couple of weeks from ordering to delivery, as I make to order on the larger bowls.

Please contact first before placing international orders.