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The Little Fire Bowl




The Little Fire Bowl is my smallest fire bowl. Designed to be effective, portable and very hard wearing.

The Little Fire Bowl is made from high quality steel and I offer a lifetime guarantee on all of it.

The Little Fire Bowl is also completely made from recycled metal that would otherwise have been chucked out. 

This is the first bowl I have run as an edition, I have made 35 and each bowl will come with its number of the edition stamped into the tag.   

The Little bowl is a perfectly symmetrical shape, this combined with its thickness means it rings like a bell when struck. I find this a fun feature because sometimes the fire will pop and this makes the bowl ring! 

If you would like to cook on the little bowl my hand made Horseshoe Grill is a great option and it adds some fun and a talking point, this can be added to your order on this website too. 

The stand is detachable and the legs are straight bar legs or Medieval style legs and feet. The straight legs are lighter and keep the minimal look to the bowl. The Medieval legs and feet are solid, heavier, offer more stability on soft ground and add a character to the bowl design. Leg type is available above in the "Leg style" option.  

When not in use the fire bowl top can be flipped over and put on the stand upside down. This prevents water collecting and it looks like a funky mushroom. 

Please allow for some variation with the stand that I send you. As I only use reclaimed metal I don't have an endless supply of identical legs and rings (I hope to get them similar enough so you don't notice any differences). The bowl top however will look exactly like the picture. 

The little bowl will take on a dark brown rusty appearance eventually, this is normal and to be expected. At 7mm thick this will not affect the structure of the bowl.   

The height of the stand can be changed so if you have a specific height requirement please get in touch. 

Free UK Postage. Please get in contact first if you want internatinal shipping.